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Esports betting in Africa is on the rise, especially in Tanzania.

Part of the reason is due to the fact that South Africa is a world leader in video game design and development — so it’s no surprise that esports betting is becoming increasingly popular in neighbouring countries like Tanzania.

While you’re probably already familiar with videogames, what exactly are esports? Esports (electronic sports) are computer-facilitated competitions — or in other words, organised competitive video gaming.

The esports industry is a thriving subculture of the videogame industry and people all over the world are capitalizing on it by placing their bets online with Parimatch.

Read on to learn more about esports betting along with a host of proven esports betting tips from Parimatch’s expert gambling team.

What is Esports Betting?

Esports betting is similar to traditional sports betting, only you’re wagering on video game competitions rather than athletic competitions.

Betting on esports on Parimatch website

You can bet on a whole range of esports on Parimatch, including Dota 2, League of Legends, King of Glory, Starcraft, and Counter-Strike.

Luckily for seasoned bettors, many of the same principles apply to both esports and athletic sports.

For example, Parimatch website uses the decimal odds system for both esports and athletic sports. On our betting app, you can also switch to other odds formats, if you’re more familiar with fractional, American, or Hong Kong odds.

As a result, people in Tanzania, who are already experienced sports bettors, can seamlessly transition to the world of esports betting, without having to learn a new odds system.

Continue reading to learn about the different esports betting types available on the Parimatch site and betting app.

How to Bet on Esports

If you’re a total beginner when it comes to online betting, don’t worry! Here’s a breakdown of the top esports betting types available on Parimatch with details on how they work.

Esports moneyline betting

In a moneyline market, you are betting on who you think will win the match.

The decimal odds reflect which team is the favourite to win. Whichever team has lower decimal odds is the favoured team. The discrepancy between each team’s odds are an indication of how close the match is expected to be. The closer the odds, the more even the match is predicted to be — and vice versa.

Esports totals betting

As the name suggests, in a total market, you are betting on whether you think the total amount of something happening will be over/under the figure that the bookmaker comes up with. For example you can bet on total kills, total rounds played, total rounds won in a certain way, etc…

The bettor can wager on the flow of the game, completely independently from the winner or loser of a match.

Esports handicap betting

In a handicap market, the bookmaker applies a virtual advantage or disadvantage to one of the teams in an effort to balance the odds. As a result, a once lop-sided match becomes much more enticing for the bettor.

For example, in a best of 7 round format, the bookmaker will apply a handicap in the form of a round lead. Essentially, the underdog is given a lead before the match even kicks off. The odds will be skewed accordingly to reflect the advantage/disadvantage given to each team.

Esports Betting Tips and Tricks

When you’re betting on esports it’s important to develop a strategy. Consider these tips and tricks to maximize your chances of winning.

1. Play the game you bet on

It’s never a good idea to make an important decision on a topic you don’t know much about. The same holds true when betting on esports. It’s important to build your general knowledge of a game before you wager on it.

Some of the most popular esports have complex rules, various game modes, unique character classes, and a number of other factors to consider. To effectively place a savvy bet you need to familiarize yourself with the game.

Put yourself in the shoes of the pros by playing the game yourself. Not only will you have a better understanding of the rules, you’ll also begin to understand the nuances and flow of the game — so you can make more educated bets.

The more you immerse yourself in a game the better you’ll understand it. Not to mention, the next time someone gives you grief for playing too many video games, you can just tell them you’re doing research.

2. Watch esports streamers

In conjunction with playing the esports for yourself, you should also be watching top players play. Part of understanding the game is knowing how opponents compete.

You may play the game one way but your competitor may play with a completely different strategy to achieve the same result. Build your knowledge of all the different strategies players use to reach their end-goal.

Looking at the way tournaments are played through a different lens will serve to broaden your perspective and help you to make wiser predictions.

As an added bonus, most real-time streamers provide commentary and helpful tips to give you a better understanding of their gameplay.

It’s easy to access esports streamers on popular streaming services like Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube.

3. Crowdsource information from the gaming community

Esports has a very robust online community, which is one reason why betting on esports has become so popular.

Relative to major conventional sports like football and hockey, a tremendous number of people have direct experience playing esports at a very high level. As a result, there is a wealth of valuable information to help inform your esports betting.

Find threads online with like-minded bettors sharing esports betting tips, opinions, analysis, and other forms of insight. You can even post a specific question or topic relating to an event you are interested in betting on.

Use the community to help gain a deeper understanding of the world of esports betting.

With such a highly-engaged fan base it’s smart to join forces and gather as much information from others betting on esports in an effort to bolster your chances of success.

4. Study the odds

All of the insight in the world won’t do you much good if you don’t understand how the esports sportsbook odds work.

By default, Parimatch uses decimal odds to determine the favourite, calculate implied probability, and indicate potential winnings. However, with our betting app, you can also switch to other odds formats, such as fractional, American, or Hong Kong odds.

The perfect esports bet is one that offers low-risk, coupled with a high payout. You need to educate yourself on how esports betting odds work so that you can pinpoint high-value bets.

By utilizing your game knowledge and comparing it to the odds from the bookmaker, you’ll have a clearer idea of which bets will pay off.

Maybe after all of your research on a specific upcoming match, you’ve been able to determine, with confidence, that one of the teams is a heavy favourite — but when you go to look at the moneyline, you see that the odds are very close. Congratulations, you’ve just found yourself a value pick.

5. Pay attention to the lineups

Just like with traditional sports, the matchday lineup is subject to change. Players can be traded, benched, cut, or left out of the lineup for a variety of other reasons.

There is nothing more deflating than betting on esports teams to win only to realize that their star player is out because they’re battling the flu. You can eliminate the possibility of this happening to you by simply staying up-to-date on the news.

Fresh sources of information regarding professional esports are popping up daily. Head over to the official websites for both teams and check for updates. You should also be frequenting the official website for the specific league or tournament on which you’re placing esports bets. This will help you to see changes being made ahead of time.

Make sure that you pay attention to all of the news surrounding the match prior to gameday so that you aren’t blindsided on the day.

6. Consider recent teams’ form

Would you bet on esports teams that haven’t been performing well lately, or are you more likely to bet on a team whose performance has been exceeding expectations?

In general, it’s smarter to back a team that’s been trending towards success rather than the team that’s on a losing streak.

Success builds confidence and confidence leads to success. This cycle proves true in the world of esports betting, the same way it applies to everyday life.

Be aware of a team’s turning point, though. Similar to the way that success fosters confidence, failure can cultivate determination.

Losing is not fun and eventually esports teams get so sick of failing that they go over-and-above to secure a win. With all that extra determination, teams on a losing streak will eventually claw back a victory.

Try and get into the minds of the competitors. Despite esports being a digital competition, it’s humans that are controlling what happens on screen. Did the losing team look demoralized after their loss or are they talking about redemption in the post match interview?

Be mindful of the recent play of both teams as it serves as an obvious indicator of their performance in upcoming matches.

7. Research statistics

Without having ever seen a team perform, their statistics from past matches will give you an indication of their style of play.

Here’s an example of how statistics can influence how you’re betting on esports:

Let’s say you are interested in betting on esports on the total number of kills in a match. You have to decide if the overall number of kills will be over/under the figure that the bookmaker provides.

A good esports betting strategy would be to look at the average kills of each team from past matches, combine those averages, and then compare that number to the bookmakers total.

If the combined average kills is higher than the number set forth by the bookmaker, betting on the over would make sense.

Does history repeat itself exactly? No, but it rhymes. Take close note of a team’s statistics when betting on esports, but don’t bet your bottom dollar on them.

Instead, use these figures as a tool and combine them with all of your other game knowledge to make a winning bet.

Use Esports Betting Strategies on Parimatch

The last step to a fulfilling esports betting experience is to choose the right sportsbook.

Parimatch offers the widest variety of esports betting in Africa — with betting options for popular titles like League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Starcraft 2 and many others.

Savvy application of the tips and tricks from this guide will help you on your way to becoming an expert esport bettor.

Whether you are using the Parimatch betting app or the online website, it’s easier than ever to wager on the billion-dollar esport industry to carve out your own piece of the money pie!