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League of Legends betting is a favourite option for esports enthusiasts around the globe. Countries in Africa like Tanzania are no exception — as viewership numbers have skyrocketed in recent years.

Over 200 million viewers tuned in to the 2018 League of Legends World Championships. To put that into perspective, this year only 148 million people watched America’s top sporting event, The Super Bowl.

But what’s the aim of League of Legends? LoL is a team strategy game where two teams are fighting against one another to demolish the other team’s base. Teams fight, kill, and bring down towers to finish the other team once and for all.

Not sure how to get started? Don’t worry, if you want to bet money on League of Legends you’ve come to the right place.

Parimatch offers the most comprehensive options for betting and winning cold hard cash through our online sportsbook.

What Is so Exciting about League of Legends Betting?

Esports betting has seen a dramatic rise in Africa. Countries like Tanzania are propelling the surge with more people than ever opening their sportsbook application and placing an LoL bet. Let’s find out why.

1. There’s serious cash to play for

The esports industry is set to gross over a billion dollars in revenue by year’s end and projected to grow exponentially in the years ahead. Revenue and viewership numbers already rival that of traditional athletic sports but what’s remarkable is that this is only the beginning.

Why is this a big deal? Because more money in the industry translates into more opportunities to win. Higher jackpots, more markets, and better payouts are what savvy bettors look for — and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Parimatch.

2. League of Legends betting popularity is booming

The driving force behind the massive revenue is the unprecedented rise in esports viewership. With an estimated 450 million viewers worldwide, the audience is larger than ever.

To watch conventional sports you typically have to pay a subscription fee or a significant one-time charge for a specific event. It doesn’t work this way in esports. Some of the most popular LoL leagues and championship tournaments are broadcast on internet streaming services free of charge.

Streaming League of Legends has become widely accessible in Tanzania — at little or no cost to the viewer. Who doesn’t like easily accessible free content? By betting on LoL matches you can turn money saved into money won.

3. It’s easy to relate to esports

Some of the biggest names in esports were casual gamers, playing from their couches just a few years ago. Even now that they are famous, you can often still play along with some of the superstars.

A lot of these professional gamers promote themselves by hosting exhibition matches where you can play with or against them.

Want to know more about this world of opportunities? Check our guide on how to bet on esports!

How to Read LoL Odds on Parimatch

Not sure how to read LoL betting odds? If so, don’t worry, it’s super easy to understand. Parimatch uses decimal odds which you may already be familiar with.

How to calculate LoL implied probability with Parimatch odds

Implied probability is used to determine the chances of a team winning.

The equation is simple:

(1/decimal odds) * 100 = Implied Probability

Alt text:
LowLandLions vs Dynasty in League of Legends esports betting on Parimatch 

To calculate the implied probability of LowLandLions winning, the equation would look like this:

(1/1.35) * 100 = 74% 

Therefore, with decimal odds of 1.35, LowLandLions have a 74% chance to win the match in the bookmaker’s eyes.

Note. You may notice that the implied probability of both bets equals over 100%. The extra percentage is known as the “bookmaker’s overround”. This is the fee to the bookmaker for hosting the bet.

How to read LoL betting odds to work out the favorite

Here’s a quick way to work out the favourite — whichever team has lower odds is the favourite to win. Easy right?

Let’s take a closer look:

LowLandLions vs Dynasty in League of Legends esports betting on Parimatch 

You see that LowLandLions have odds of 1.35 while Dynasty has odds of 3.05.

In this case, LowLandLions is the favoured team because they have lower odds. The bigger the discrepancy between odds, the more lopsided the match is expected to be.

How to calculate LoL potential winnings with Parimatch odds

By looking at League of Legends betting odds, you can figure out your potential winnings with some simple maths.

To calculate how much money you would win on your LoL bet:

  1. Take your stake (the amount you wagered) and multiply it by the decimal odds. What you’ll end up with is your total return.
  2. Once you’ve got your total return you can figure out how much of it is profit by subtracting your stake from the total return.

Your stake * decimal odds = total return

Total return – your stake = total profit

Here’s an example:

LowLandLions vs Dynasty in League of Legends esports betting on Parimatch 

If you were to bet 10,000 TZS on LowLandLions to win, you would multiply your stake of 10,000 TZS by their odds of 1.35. What you end up with is 13,500 TZS, which represents your potential winnings. Next, subtract your original stake of 10,000 TZS from your potential winnings of 13,500 TZS and you’ll get a potential total profit of 3,500 TZS.

10,000 TZS * 1.35 = 13,500 TZS (total winnings)
13,500 TZS – 10,000 TZS = 3,500 TZS (total profit)

Bet Types In LoL and Other Esports

With Parimatch there are all sorts of ways to bet money on League of Legends and other popular esports like Dota 2, CS GO, and Starcraft 2. Read on to discover all the League of Legends bets that Parimatch offers.

Moneyline betting on LoL matches

Who do you think will win? That’s what you’re betting on.

Just like with traditional athletic sports, in a moneyline market you are simply picking which team you think will win.

With esports betting, there isn’t really a draw result to skew the odds. In the unlikely event that there is a draw, your original stake will be returned.

Here’s what a moneyline bet looks like on Parimatch:

GamersOrigin vs Misfits Premier in League of Legends esports betting on Parimatch 

Remember, you know that the team with lower odds is the favourite — the discrepancy between the odds suggests whether or not it is expected to be an even match.

Here, you can determine that GamersOrigin are the favourites. The implied probability of GamersOrigin winning is 65%, whereas the implied probability of Misfits Premier winning is 42%.

If you bet 10,000 TZS on GamersOrigin — your potential total winnings would be 15,500 TZS
If you bet 10,000 TZS on Misfits Premier — your potential total winnings would be 23,600 TZS

Handicap LoL betting

What’s the fun in betting on LoL matches that are horribly lopsided? Too bad there isn’t a way to make it more even…or is there?

In a handicap esports betting market, the bookmaker skews the odds by applying a virtual advantage (or disadvantage) to a team in an effort to make the match more even — and thus more appealing to the bettor.

Although it varies depending on the league or tournament, League of Legends is typically played in a best of 3, 5, or 7 round format. Whichever team is able to destroy the opponent’s nexus wins the round. The LoL bet handicap represents which team has a round lead before the match even starts, and the odds are skewed accordingly.

Let’s take a look:

GamersOrigin vs Misfits Premier in handicap LoL esports betting on Parimatch  

As you know, GamersOrigin is the favourite in this match but look at what happens when a negative handicap is applied. The odds go way up, indicating that with a (-1.5) handicap, they’ll need to score at least two more points to overcome the handicap.

If you bet on GamersOrigin to win with a (-1.5) handicap in a best of 3 round match, they would have to win by a margin of at least 1.5 rounds — in other words, they would need to win the best of 3 matches by a score of 2-0.

If the teams split the first 2 rounds, and GamersOrigin went on to win the match by a score of 2-1, they would not have won by at least 1.5 rounds — meaning even though you picked the right winner, they were unable to cover the spread, resulting in a losing bet.

Total League of Legends bets

In a total LoL betting market, you are essentially wagering on how many rounds you think will need to be played in order for there to be a victor.

To be more precise, you compare the number of rounds you think will be needed for an outcome against the number that the bookmaker comes up with.

If the number you came up with is higher than the bookmakers you would want to bet on the over and vice versa.

Let’s look at an example from League of Legends betting on Parimatch: 

Total in LoL esports betting on Parimatch

This example is based on a best of 5 round match. The bookmaker has set the total at 4.5 rounds which is an impossible outcome because the round will always come to an end.

This is done on purpose so that there will never be a push. The outcome will always be over or under the figure set forth by the bookmaker.

Ask yourself, do you think the match will come down to a necessary and decisive round 5 or do you believe that one of the teams will win the match in 4 rounds or less?

Race to 5 or 10 bets

When you place an LoL bet in a race to 5 or 10 market, you are betting on which team you think will be the first to win either 5 or 10 rounds.

Typically the odds in a race to 5 or 10 LoL betting market will be very similar to the moneyline odds. That’s because, typically, the first team to reach 5 or 10 round wins is also the favourite team to win the match.

Let’s look:

Race to 10 bet in League of Legends esports betting on Parimatch

Here you can see that both the moneyline odds as well as the race to 10 League of Legends betting odds. Take notice of how similar the odds are.

Since GamersOrigin is the favourite to win it’s no surprise they are also the favourite to be the first to 10 rounds.

Total kills LoL bets

If you’re going to bet money on League of Legends, you should consider betting on total kills. This popular type of LoL bet is unique to esports betting — you would be concerned if there was an option to bet on total kills in a football match!

A total kills LoL betting market differs from a total market because rather than wagering on the total rounds played, you bet on the total kills in a match.

Here’s what a total kills bet looks like on Parimatch:

Total kills bet in LoL esports betting on Parimatch

With this type of LoL bet, you aren’t picking a team to win or lose. All you care about is if the combined kills of both teams will be over or under the number that the bookmaker provides.

In this example, you can see that the bookmaker expects the total kills to be over 26.5. You are able to determine this because the over has lower odds than the under.

First blood LoL betting

Which team do you think will be the first to kill one of the enemy players? There really isn’t much more to it than that.

This is what it looks like on Parimatch:

 First blood bet in LoL esports betting on Parimatch

In a first blood market, the odds are typically very close. It’s not easy to come up with an accurate prediction of which team will land the first kill — and the odds will echo that notion.

How to Make a Bet on League of Legends on Parimatch

1.Register or login to your Parimatch account.
2. Make a deposit to start betting.
3. From the Parimatch homepage or a mobile betting app select Sports in the top menu.

Parimatch horizontal menu

4. Then, select esports from the menu

Parimatch sports menu

5. Next, click on League of Legends.

Parimatch esports games menu with League of Legends selected

6. This will give you a dropdown menu featuring all the tournaments. Click the tournament that you would like to bet on.

Parimatch League of Legends betting menu

7. Select the game you would like to place an LoL bet on

League of Legends game for betting on Parimatch

8. Click the bet you would like to place. The box will turn black and the bet will appear in the betslip on the right.

Placing a bet on LoL on Parimatch

9. If you would like to place a single bet, add your wager in the betslip and click to submit.

10. If you would like to place multiple bets, repeat the steps above until all your bets are in the betslip.

11. Next, choose parlay or system bets in the betslip. You will find these options in the top menu bar.

Betslip menu on Parimatch

12. For parlay bets, add your wager and click to submit.

Placing a parlay bet on Parimatch

13. For system bets, click the system you would like to bet on in the dropdown menu. Then add your wager and click to submit.

Placing a system bet on Parimatch

League of Legends Betting Guide — Tips for Betting on LoL Matches

LoL betting is a great way to add a little bit more excitement to an already electrifying event — but you don’t want to get shocked and lose your bet. Follow this LoL betting guide to improve your chances of success.

Research your League of Legends bets

It’s vitally important to research the statistical performance of each team to help you better understand who has the upper hand.

Most esports (LoL included) have dedicated websites for tracking how professional players are doing. Take advantage of these insights — do your homework.

Know the industry ins and outs

Just like with conventional sports, the pros in esports can be loaned, traded, cut, or swapped out of the lineup for a number of other reasons.

Imagine placing a considerable bet on a team to win, only to find out that their superstar player is out with the flu.

Be sure you are up-to-date on the state of the lineup leading up to the gameday.

Get to know the gameplay

The deeper you understand the game the better predictions you will make. What good are all the statistics if you don’t understand what they mean?

Try playing LoL for yourself. There is no better way to get a sense of a game than to simply engage with it.

Alternatively, watch streams of others playing League of Legends, check out highlights, re-watch past tournaments, or whatever other content you can find.


League of Legends betting is currently one of the most popular ways to wager on esports. This addictive multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA) is the catalyst fueling the billion-dollar esports industry.

The name League of Legends really is fitting — the epic game truly is legendary in the context of esports. Who knows if the industry would be where it’s at today without LoL.

After reading this LoL betting guide, you are equipped with all the necessary knowledge and tools to place a winning bet with Parimatch. Now, head on over to the Parimatch website or download the mobile app and WIN THAT MONEY!