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As you no doubt know, Parimatch has multiple options for football betting. But for those who just can’t get enough of soccer, Parimatch has a special treat. If you love placing soccer wagers, you probably jump on every game you can get your hands on. But what happens if you can’t find a match you’d love to place wagers on? What happens if you like in-play betting but there are no live soccer matches available? What if you don’t have time for a live football match?

To save you from such trouble, we provide a broad range of virtual soccer betting options. You can now enjoy our extensive catalogue of virtual football bets, from GoldenRace’s Euro Champions tournament to the Betradar’s Virtual Football Nations Cup. With soccer matches available for betting at all times of the day and night, all year round, you never have to face a blank betting screen again!

Want to get started placing virtual wagers on soccer matches? Simply sign up to Parimatch to enjoy our plethora of virtual football events, straight from your smart device. Unsure how to place virtual football wagers? Need to know a little more on the meaning of a virtual football? This handy guide will run you through everything you need to know to place a virtual football wager on Parimatch today. Giving you a step-by-step tour of our next-generation online sports betting platform, this article will help you understand virtual soccer odds, give you a heads up on the pros and cons of virtual betting, and help you log on to the platform today.

So what are you waiting for? Here’s the top advice from our expert gambling team on betting on virtual soccer wagers.

What is Virtual Soccer Betting?

Virtual football betting is a way of wagering on computer-simulated soccer games.

How does it differ from pre-match and live football betting? While these two categories relate to real soccer games, virtual soccer betting is a different thing altogether. Instead of wagering against games happening in real life, virtual soccer punters are betting on virtual electronically-generated football games.

Using computer graphics and a random number generator (RNG), sophisticated software generates electronic football matches. With RNG and predetermined computer algorithms, all virtual soccer games are fair and unbiased. This allows Parimatch to offer our users an array of computer-generated unbiased footy games to place wager against. Deploying similar technology to that used in an online roulette wheel, Parimatch can be sure that all the virtual soccer games we offer are secure and fair.

Virtual football games provided on Parimatch platform have state-of-the-art graphics that emulate real football games. At the same time, there’s no need to wait for the real players to play matches in the real world. Don’t worry, you won’t feel short-changed. Virtual soccer betting software has become unbelievably advanced, with Parimatch providing the top virtual betting options in all of Africa. With realistic live commentary, smooth on-screen motion, and detailed graphics, you won’t believe you’re watching a computer!

It is important to understand that virtual soccer matches bear no semblance to real life events. And they are produced using a random number generator, the outcomes are completely random. While this makes them fair, it means you cannot use real life statistics to try to determine the outcome of the games.

In fact, if you look closely, you will notice that the teams aren’t called their usual names. You won’t see regular Premier League team names like Arsenal or Wolverhampton Wanderers. Instead you will see alternative names or abbreviations such as ARS or WOL. This is because legally these virtual teams bear no semblance to the real-world teams and the games and their related bets are simply for fun — they are not real-world events. At the same time, betting on virtual football is totally real, so you have a chance to win actual money this way.

Another major difference between real-world soccer betting and virtual soccer bets comes in the time you have to wait to see if you have made a profit. Virtual soccer matches are also far quicker than regular football matches. While a real life soccer match will take 90 minutes, plus injury time, extra time, and penalties, as virtual soccer matches are far shorter. In fact, virtual footy matches are only three minutes long.

How to Read Virtual Soccer Odds on Parimatch

As we already mentioned, by betting on virtual soccer games you have a chance to win a real and tangible profit. However, to do this successfully, it is important that you understand how to read virtual soccer odds on the Parimatch platform.

For those who have an understanding of pre-match and live soccer betting, you may find it easy to get a grip on how to place virtual soccer bets on Parimatch, understanding the odds as you go. For those new to the process, it is vital to comprehend that Parimatch uses decimal odds for virtual football betting on our next-generation sports betting app.

There are three types of odds used when betting — fractional odds (often mostly for British bookmakers), decimal odds (those used on Parimatch), and American odds (sometimes called “Moneyline odds”).

Fractional odds will often look like this – 3/1 or 3-1, which is pronounced three-to-one. These types of odds mean that if you won, you would get $3 for every $1 you placed, and you would get your stake back. In fractional odds, 3/1 means an event has an implied probability of 25%.

Now, American odds are a little more complicated. If there is a minus sign in front, this refers to the favourite and tells you how much money to have to place to receive $100 if your bet is correct. So odds of -300 would mean you would win $100 if you placed a $300 stake. If there is a plus sign in front of the odds (or no sign), this indicates how much you will win for every $100 you place. On 3/1 odds, this would be +300 in American odds, meaning you would win $300 for every $100 you place.

Luckily, placing virtual soccer bets on Parimatch is far more simple than all of this complex coding for odds! At Parimatch, we use decimal odds for all our virtual games, making it far easier to determine your winning. Simply take the odds that you see, represented as a number with a decimal of up to two significant figures — such as 2.75 or 4.00 — and multiply this by your stake. This gives you the total payout if you win. Minus your stake from the final payout and you have your profit. In this sense, 3/1 odds would be 4.00, so if your stake was 10,000 TZS and you won, you would receive 40,000 TZS. Now, minus your 10,000 TZS stake and your winnings would be 30,000 TZS.

Virtual soccer matches are far faster than regular football matches, with the whole game represented in just a few minutes. In this sense, if you want to place a pre-match bet on a virtual soccer match, you need to get in quickly, before the game starts. The virtual software will give you a countdown of how long you have left to bet before the game begins. Don’t worry, if you miss it, you’ll be able to bet on the next round shortly thereafter.

To become more familiar with the odds concept, we recommend you this article on how to read soccer odds.

The Difference Between Pre-Match and Live Betting Odds in Virtual Soccer

One of the great things about virtual soccer betting on Parimatch, is that it offers one of the most realistic football betting services available for computerized soccer matches. One of the major factors that makes our virtual soccer so realistic is our odds.

Using three topnotch virtual sporting platforms — GoldenRace, Betradar and Leap — Parimatch makes both pre-match, on-demand, and live virtual soccer betting available to all our punters. This means that you can enjoy placing bets before matches happen, enabling you to get a breath and catch up with whatever tournament is in play. Alternatively, you can bet live on virtual soccer matches, watching the live computer-generated footage of the match to get an idea of how the game is being played.

It is important to understand that pre-match virtual soccer odds work slightly differently to live virtual soccer odds — just like in real life. Pre-match and on-demand virtual soccer odds work the same. These types of odds work by offering fixed predetermined odds by the bookmaker that do not change throughout the match. No matter what happens, the odds stay the same. This means if you have bet on 4.00 odds before the game and the odds drop to 1.60 because a red card is given, you would still get paid out on your pre-match odds of 4.00.

Live odds work differently insomuch as they change with the game play. Importantly, virtual soccer matches only last three minutes a piece, so betting live is very quick. For those interested in the fast-paced action of live soccer betting, you can leverage the changing odds as the game plays out. In live virtual betting, the action on the pitch will cause the odds to change in relation to this. Taking the example of above, if the favourite gets a red card, the odds of the underdog winning will now drop, as there is a higher chance of this occurring once a red card has been issued.

Pros and Cons of Virtual Soccer Betting

Virtual soccer betting isn’t for everyone. But for those who just can’t get enough of the real-world competitions or who want to place bets out of season, virtual soccer betting on the Parimatch sports app is an ideal way to keep one foot on the soccer field.

If you are unsure whether virtual soccer betting is for you, check out our list of comprehensive benefits and drawbacks that outline the advantages and disadvantages of virtual soccer betting.

Benefits of Virtual Soccer Bets

  • Bet on Soccer Off Season

Like all sports, soccer has a season in which it is played. While soccer competitions seem to spread all year round these days, certain tournaments only occur at particular times of the year. Virtual soccer betting enables users to place wagers on their favourite teams outside the specified tournament dates.

  • Place Soccer Bets Day and Night

Soccer games tend to be played at certain times of the day or night, depending on your timezone and the country in which the game is played. For some of us, these games are outside of our regular waking hours so they are too inconvenient for us to watch. Luckily, with virtual football betting, punters can place bets on similar matches using virtual models instead.

  • Non-Stop Betting

With regular pre-match bets on real-world football, you can place your bets before the match starts. However, you may then have to wait a few days for the actual match to occur. With virtual soccer betting, you can watch on-demand games that start whenever you are ready or you can place a bet on one of the numerous non-stop games. If you place a pre-match bet on a virtual soccer tournament match, you only have to wait a few minutes before it begins. If you miss it, you only have to wait a couple of minutes until you can place a bet on the next one — true non-stop betting!

  • Vast Choice of Matches

With real-world soccer betting, you have to wait for two teams to play each other in real life before you can bet on a game. With big international tournaments, this may only happen once a year, if that. Equally, some teams may not play each other for many years, as with the FA Cup. Thankfully, virtual soccer betting puts pay to that by offering an abundant selection of matches to bet on. You can find a wealth of games with your favourite teams, even if they don’t often play each other in real life.

  • Quick Wins with Virtual Soccer Bets

When it comes to real-world soccer betting, if you have bet on a final score, full time result, late goals, or similar bets, you have to sit tight for the end of a soccer match. This takes a full 90 minutes, plus injury time (and sometimes extra time or penalties). With virtual soccer betting, a virtual match only takes three minutes. This means you can place your bet and know if you have won within a five minute period if you wish. This fast-paced keeps it exciting, but also brings you quick profits if you win.

  • Real-World Factors Don’t Come Into Play

There is nothing worse than placing a bet on your favourite team to win, only to have your best striker taken out by an injury in the first five minutes. It’s also awful when you see your team suffering due to poor weather or an unfamiliar pitch. As virtual soccer uses computer-generated randomness to determine the outcome of the games, these factors don’t feature in the matches. You won’t have someone carried off on a stretcher or a game called off from rain. With this in mind, you can put your mind to rest on all the extra niggly factors that usually affect real-world football matches.

  • Virtual Soccer Bets Features High Odds

As virtual soccer bets don’t take into account real life factors, they are a little harder to predict. In this sense, the odds are higher meaning you can make serious profit from virtual soccer betting if you place the correct wagers.

Drawbacks of Betting on Virtual Football

  • It’s Difficult to Foresee Winners

As mentioned above, regular factors don’t affect the outcome of virtual soccer games. Due to this, you don’t have to worry about players getting injured or foreboding weather. However, this also makes it very difficult to work out who may have an advantage as you cannot analyse the game in the same way. While there may be a few statistics showing the outcomes of the last few games, this isn’t as solid as knowing a team’s gameplay and history in real life.

  • Quick Play can Lead to Quick Losses

As with all betting activities, teaching yourself gambling discipline is important. As virtual soccer betting is very fast-paced, it can often encourage you to bet more than you have to recover losses. Be aware of how much you are gambling and never go over your threshold.

  • It’s Not as Thrilling as Real Life Footy

Most people betting on soccer matches have somewhat of a personal stake. With a little skin in the game, you may have an emotional pull to how you want the game to turn out. When you are betting on virtual soccer, the outcome bears no semblance to real-world soccer leagues or tournaments, so there is a less emotional tie. In this sense, virtual soccer can sometimes be less popular as it doesn’t evoke the same adrenalin rush as real life soccer games where the team you support might actually win or lose!

Tips and Strategies for Placing Virtual Soccer Bets

While placing virtual soccer bets is slightly different to placing regular football bets, there are still a good range of tips and strategies that bettors like to adhere to in order to try and leverage good results. Here are some of the tips and strategies that are popular with virtual soccer bettors.

  • The Martingale Strategy

This system is a way of betting that hopes to make back any losses from previously staking against games that went badly. This is done by increasing your stake each time — a sort of progressive staking. This type of betting only works with bets that have two outcomes, such as the Draw No Bet wager. This removes the draw option, giving you only a win for Team 1 or 2. This would also work on Odd/Even betting or any other type of bet with only two (mostly evenly distributed) outcomes. The idea is that the bettor places a low stake on the first bet, say 300 TZS. If the bettor wins, they claim their reward. If the bettor loses, they double their stake on the next game. This will mean that if they win the next game, they cover their stake from the second game and the lost stake from the first game. While this may seem like a good idea, it is important to consider that you can lose a lot of money quickly if you experience a losing streak — so bet accordingly.

  • Bet Often and Small

While virtual football matches are weighted to give the impression of them simulating real games, they actually function with a random number generator. So while yes, the virtual version of Manchester United is likely to appear better than the virtual version of Norwich, the game is randomly decided by computerized algorithms. In this sense, you can’t always predict how a game is going to go. It is far wiser to bet small amounts on lots of games rather than to place high stakes on one or two games. This is because it can be terribly difficult to work out which games will pay off as you can use statistics to determine the probable outcome.

  • Back the Favourites More Often

The favourites of each game are weighted differently to the underdogs. This means that while the outcome is generated by a computer, the algorithms are more likely to determine the favourite the winner. In this sense, while the odds may be lower, the favourite is usually far more likely to pay out.

How to Make a Bet on Virtual Soccer on Parimatch

Parimatch is determined to make the Parimatch sports betting app as easy to use as possible. This is why our intuitive sports betting dashboard is simple to navigate for those betting on virtual soccer.

Virtual football betting on Parimatch app

If you are familiar with the Parimatch sports betting app, you will have no trouble finding virtual soccer matches to bet on. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign into Parimatch (or register) and deposit funds
  2. Head to the “Virtual sport” tab from the bottom menu
  3. Search for “football” or choose right from virtual sports menu.
  4. Select a tournament or league to bet on
  5. Find the game you would like to place a bet on and choose the odds
  6. Head to the “Coupon” or “Betslip” to finalize your bet

Summing Up Virtual Soccer Betting on Parimatch

The ideal way to bet on soccer day or night, or any time of the year, virtual soccer betting is always available on the Parimatch sports betting application. Easy-to-use and reliable for punters, the Parimatch platform makes it simple to wager against virtual soccer events on a non-stop basis.

Whether you are looking to place live, pre-match or on-demand virtual soccer bets, Parimatch has the cutting-edge technology you need to place real wagers on fair, unbiased virtual soccer matches.

While real life soccer betting demands that you know your player histories and match statistics, Parimatch’s virtual soccer betting doesn’t use these factors to calculate a final result. Instead our state-of-the-art random number generator and cutting-edge technology provide you with top-notch graphics and realistic soccer matches, without the inconvenience of injured players or poor weather.

So what’re you waiting for? Head to Parimatch today to find yourself virtual soccer matches that suit you!