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If you’re a keen sports bettor, you may fancy the chance of upping your odds by looking for a sports betting jackpot. If you dream of winning big, Parimatch offers sports betting jackpots to help you get the best out of your online betting experience.

Jackpot betting, also known as TOTO, is a fun way to quickly win a considerable prize! And it’s super easy to compete for one of the most exciting jackpots in Tanzania with Parimatch. Read on to learn how!

What Exactly is a Jackpot in Sports Betting?

A sports betting jackpot is a special offer to win a huge prize by correctly predicting the outcome of multiple sporting events in a single coupon.  

Only large and reputable bookmakers are able to run betting jackpots (or jackpot TOTOs). The sports events for betting are offered by a bookmaker and they are usually the most prominent matches in a certain period.

Usually, sports betting jackpots require players to place more than 10 bets, with the winnings divided by different percentages for those who got more than a defined number of the correct results.

How to Play Sports Betting Jackpots on Parimatch

To start betting on Parimatch’s sport betting jackpots, go to our official website — There, you can register and bet right away or download a handy Parimatch app

For the Parimatch jackpot, or TOTO, we generate a coupon with 10-17 main events, which you need to fill in to place a bet. There are 1×2 bets on each game, which means that you either vote for the home teams to win, the away teams to win, or predict a draw. 

sports jackpot betting chart on Parimatch Tanzania website

Moreover, we offer additional events that you also need to bet on. They come into play only if one or more events from the main list are canceled. In other words, you must bet on all the suggested matches predicting the correct outcomes for the games.

sports jackpot betting chart on Parimatch Tanzania website

Finally, you’ll need to wait till all the matches are held to find out if you’re a winner. When the results are known, the jackpot is divided between all the participants who correctly predicted all the outcomes from the main list and, when necessary, the additional events’ outcomes. 

Why You Should Participate In Parimatch Sports Jackpot Betting

There are many reasons why the Parimatch jackpot TOTO is so attractive. But here are the three main ones:

  • Firstly, with the Parimatch sports jackpot, you can gain a far higher reward than would ever be possible with a string of single bets. At the same time, you’ll find a very affordable ticket price tag on jackpot bets considering the possible outcome.
  • Secondly, jackpot bets are straightforward to get to grips with. You see the list of pre-selected events and quickly make your bets
  • Thirdly, to help you even further, we offer a “Quick pick” option which automatically places bets for you. That’s something for those who believe in luck above all! However, you can change selection manually before you place a bet.

Rules of Parimatch Sport Jackpot

In order to participate in sport jackpot, Parimatch customers need to adhere to the following outlines:

  • The player must place bets on all the events suggested on the jackpot page
  • In order to win, the player must correctly predict the results of all the main events
  • If one of the main events was cancelled, the result of the first additional event selected by the player is used
  • Bets are accepted up to the start of the first sporting event included in the coupon

Detailed rules are set on the Parimatch sports jackpot page (“How to play” section) and on the Terms and Conditions page.

Why Wait to Win the Pools?

Sports jackpot betting is a great way to increase your prize money in a super straightforward way with a few low-cost bets. By betting across a series of matches on a win/lose bet, you’ll find you can win a huge prize.

Head over to the Parimatch official betting site — — or use a Parimatch app to play sport jackpot bets today!